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Information From Science LLC (IFS) offers creative application of scientific methods and techniques to achieve unique, innovative and affordable solutions for its clients. IFS provides a broad range of regulatory and commercial consulting services including: medical waste minimization, safety and processing; indoor air quality and mold investigations and abatement; and evaluation of clinical microbiology laboratory procedures and surveys of laboratory facilities. IFS has also consulted on training workshops in the areas of bloodborne pathogen safety; medical waste requirements and available commercial treatment technologies; and mycology/indoor mold issues. Through its Director, Dr. Ira Salkin, IFS has extensive contacts within the academic scientific community, clinical and environmental laboratory arenas, and commercial fields, to link the right professionals with clients' projects to yield optimal solutions in a minimum timeframe at reduced costs. Dr. Salkin personally oversees each venture to ensure consistent, high quality results, i.e, the project achieves its objective as per the terms of the scope of work in a timely manner within budget.